... a resounding success... reducing decision times, introducing transparency and providing a replacement for scheduled committee meetings.
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Online Forms

Streamlined Approvals

Comprehensive Reporting

Online forms

Ethics Monitor provides online forms resulting in time-savings at every stage:

  • Clear, intuitive and user friendly
  • Customisable forms
  • Embedded guidance notes
  • Easy to revise and resubmit applications
  • Provides applications to approve significant amendments to research
  • Stores previous versions of applications and highlights changes
  • Supports applications requiring approval by external bodies

Streamlined approvals

Ethics Monitor makes it easy for institutions to assure good research governance:

  • Automatic prompts to review applications
  • Routes applications to the correct reviewer
  • Flags conflicts of interest
  • Enables reviewers to add comments to applications
  • Supports ethics committees with online decisions, and creates agendas and minutes automatically
  • Notifies applicants of outcomes via editable templates
  • Provides visibility of the status of applications at every stage

Comprehensive reporting

Ethics Monitor provides extensive reporting on every aspect of research ethics applications:

  • Real-time management information dashboards
  • Automatically classifies risk levels
  • Highlights high-risk applications
  • Highlights overseas research
  • Monitors time-to-decision
  • Maintains an audit trail of actions taken for each application
  • Provides oversight of processes delegated to faculty committees

As used by

Case study

Haplo Ethics Monitor has been a resounding success for us - reducing decision times, introducing transparency to all stakeholders, and providing an online virtual replacement for scheduled committee meetings.

'One of the challenges of research ethics is the scale of work involved for committee members — who are mostly faculty members — and the difficulty of tracking applications and decisions. Both are required to support the process and ensure that all applications are treated fairly.

The time involved in performing this work is often underestimated by universities — the variety and complexity of decisions requires extensive discussion and negotiation.

Even more challenging are the logistical issues of organising committee meetings, which are traditionally held face-to-face and require quorate attendance.

The University of Westminster introduced Ethics Monitor in 2014 to facilitate the management of Research Ethics Committees, to help track the progress of applications and to allow discussions to occur and be managed virtually.

The system has been a resounding success — reducing decision times, introducing transparency to all stakeholders, and providing an online virtual replacement for scheduled committee meetings.'


Ethics Monitor is part of a suite of research management solutions produced by Haplo. We're an independent company based in London, UK. Our experienced team supports you from project conception through to successful implementation.

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